Capturing moments

Photography is all about the moment; capturing the essence of that moment whether it is a person, animal, landscape, flower, building...anything.

I take my camera with me each time I walk out the door because "extraordinary moments" are not predictable! I want to be able to show the viewer something unique about a person, place, that they can experience what I have in that instance.

My love of photography began while studying graphic design in 2000. Inspired by my teacher and friend Judy Detrick, I began my love affair with nature through the lens of the camera. Several years later I was asked to photograph and create a calendar for the Greenwood Civic Club in my village of Elk, CA. The calendar was called, "The Greenwood Wildflowers" and I superimposed each woman's portrait into a flower of their choice! It was during this project that my interest in portrait photography grew. What I realized at that time was that all photography was about capturing that special quality; the essence, of whatever my subject was.

I have been in exhibits nationally as well as in Karlshrue, Germany; the Matsumoto Museum in Matsumoto, Japan; and Omachi, Japan. I am currently exhibiting my work in the Artists' Cooperative of Mendocino in Mendocino, CA.